Pre-register and pay online for

Sand Training (please print registration form and bring with

you when you come to your first training session)

Sand Training/Conditioning is held at Berkeley Park, 3211 Cashwell Drive in Goldsboro (rain days held at Eastern Elite Volleyball's Practice Facility located at  301 Jeffrey’s Lane).  This sand training program is open to all players (not just Eastern Elite players) from ages 11-18. 

Sand training can actually improve your indoor game in numerous ways.  USAV - Carolina Region has many sand tournaments available to participate in this spring and summer and this is a great way to prepare for those or to simply advance your skills. 

Mike Bolechowski is leading our sand training program.  Mike grew up in California, and started playing beach volleyball at a young age with his group of friends.  On the weekends, they would travel to Huntington Beach and play in sand tournaments until the sun went down.  Before he joined the military, he played in 2 man tournaments at Capistrano Beach and Huntington Beach.  During his time in the military he played in beach and grass tournaments in Louisiana, Dallas, England and in North Carolina (winning many of those tournaments).  Eastern Elite has also partnered with Goldsboro Parks & Recreation to provide this training.  

The cost for the Sand Training/Conditioning is $50 per 4 consecutive weeks (8 consecutive sessions).   You are not required to attend all training sessions, however the $50 fee is for 4 consecutive weeks of training (8 sessions) and will not be adjusted or pro-rated based on attendance.   For example you begin training on May 1st – the charge would be $50 and would cover training sessions on May 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, and 24.